AA: Turkish attack displaced 70,000+, we are open to dialogue after Trump's proposals

More than 70,000 civilians have left their towns, cities and villages, fearing they could fall victim to Turkish military operations, the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration (AA)of Northern and Eastern Syria said in a verbal statement. `The Autonomous Administration is always open to dialogue about what President Trump has pointed out.

 The cities of northern and eastern Syria are witnessing a ground air attack by the Turkish occupation army.

The statement was read by Kamal Akef, spokesperson for the Relations Department in Amuda district of Qamishlo canton.

“Since the afternoon of October 9, 2019, the border area between Syria and Turkey has been witnessing fierce clashes between Turkish forces and their loyalist factions on the one hand, and the Syrian Democratic Forces and military councils on the other, the aggression on the eastern of the Euphrates resulted in many consequences.'' Kamal Akef said.

Akef said in the statement that more than 70 thousand displaced civilians have left their towns, cities and villages, for fear of falling victim to Turkish military operations.

Akef noted in the statement that there were 10 martyrs killed by fire and artillery of Turkish aggression on civilians in various towns and villages, and continued, "The number of martyrs is still a possible to increase, because there are wounded some of them in serious cases, where at least 20 wounded in various areas that have been bombed ".

"The Turkish occupation forces targeted a convoy of cars of tribal and civil delegations coming from Raqqa to Tall Abyad to participate in the sit-in tent of human shields to denounce the Turkish military operation in the region," Akef said.

"Over the last 39 hours, the number of displaced people has risen to more than 70,000, while the towns of Darbasiyyah and Ras al-Ain are almost completely empty. The repercussions of the Turkish military operation not only stop pushing civilians into displacement, but also lead to deaths and injuries of civilians as a result of indiscriminate shells fired by Turkish forces on various areas. "

Akef noted that there have been more than 7 airstrikes on Ras al-Ain / Serê Kaniyê, two on Ain Issa and one on Tel Abyad on the first day of Turkish aggression, seven on Ras al-Ain / Serê Kaniyê and three on Tel Abyad. "Two on" Ain Issa "and one raid on Al-Malikiyah / Dêrik on the second day of the aggression.

Akef said in the statement that on the 11th day of the current month, more than 7,000 displaced people from Mabrouka camp were relocated to another area by shelling and targeting those areas where they were moved to secure them and provide their needs, and that the humanitarian situation is very difficult and called for urgent international intervention to reduce this immoral attack.

The statement concluded as Kamal Akef emphasized on the openness of the Autonomous Administration permanently to dialogue, on the proposals and options of US President Donald Trump.



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