AA sends urgent appeal about ISIS families existing in Ain Issa camp

The Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA has issued an urgent appeal to the UN Security Council, the International Coalition, the Arab League and the European Union. It said that the fighting approached a camp that includes the families of ISIS, and stressed that out of control threatens the whole world.

The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern of Syria made an urgent appeal regarding the ISIS families in the Ain Issa camp, some of whom managed to escape with the help of Turkey's mercenaries.

"The UN Security Council, the International Coalition against ISIS, the Arab League, the European Union and all human rights organizations, the brutal military offensive by Turkey and its mercenaries has become close to the camp of Ain Issa, which is home to thousands of ISIS families, some of whom have already escaped after the shelling of mercenaries, in support of ISIS's resurgence.

We therefore call on all of you to shoulder your responsibilities and to intervene quickly to prevent a catastrophe that will not only affect Syria, but will knock your doors all when things get out of hand. "

Observers agree that Turkey's aim in launching attacks on northern and eastern Syria is to commit ethnic cleansing against Kurds and Christians, and to reproduce ISIS and help it to regather its power, especially as the Turkish occupation bombs prisons where ISIS is present.




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