AA of Euphrates region declares its solidarity with countries damaged by Corona

The Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates region issued a written statement to world public opinion in which it expressed its condolences to the peoples of the world and called to unite ranks, end wars and the machine of killing and destruction, and unite efforts to confront the global epidemic of Corona.

The Autonomous Administration’s statement came as the number of people infected with the Corona virus approached half a million people around the world, while the number of victims exceeded 20 thousand people, most of them in Italy, Iran and China.

The statement included: "From the land of resistance and steadfastness, Kobanê, the land that defeated the most powerful armies of global terrorism represented by ISIS, and in the name of Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region to the whole world, we are on the cusp of a global war targeting all humanity represented by the Corona virus that knows no borders.

From Kobanê, we announce our full solidarity with the victims of the whole world, and we stand with you in one row to confront this epidemic that threatens humanity to extinction. The world must join ranks, end wars, killing and destruction, unite efforts to confront this epidemic with all available possibilities and at all fields, in addition to announcing the general alarm all over the world to eliminate this epidemic and avoid the global catastrophe.

And out of our eagerness and our affection for peace and all the peoples of the world, we console all the affected peoples, nations and countries that have been victims to this virus, especially the most affected Italian people, with our wishes for them to overcome this difficult global crisis and come out of it with minimal damage, and our wishes a speedy recovery for the infected and mercy for those who died, hoping this epidemic to stop at this limit."


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