AA is Model to insure rights of all minorities religions

The lecturers who are participating in the international forum on ISIS, said that the Autonomous Administration(AA) experience in Rojava is a model to insure the rights of all minorities and religions and solve the outstanding issues and adopting religious tolerance to limit the establishment of ISIS again.

The 3rd session in the 2nd day of the forum on ISIS focused on the importance of seeking and taking the social contract in Rojava and the AA as a model to insure the rights of all the minorities and the religions.

Monir Sheikhi who is the head and researcher in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Rojava University headed the 3rd session and in addition, to the lecturers who attended the session.

The session focused on the nature of Daesh terrorism and how it was used to violate the other peoples of (looting, sabotage actions, and destruction…).

And the woman in the perspective of Daesh (enslaving the woman and practicing the violations) and religious tolerance as a model to eliminate the Daesh terrorism and radical Islam.

The session focused on the reasons of the emergence of Daesh mercenaries and the parties that attacked Daesh and the mechanism that followed by the parties that fought Daesh mercenaries and promoted all the parties to depend on the modern history and to name these parties the radical parties.

One of Daesh's goals is the enslavement of the woman under the religious rules

The Dr. Emmy Osten Holez talked about the Daesh's philosophy against the woman and how Daesh seeks to impose its influence on the woman and use them to launch attacks in the West and said that Daesh seeks to destroy the woman's independence by this philosophy under the pretexts of the Islamic rules.

She pointed out that Daesh mercenaries prevented the women from wearing colored dresses and forced them to dress the black one and prevented them from expressing their opinions and participation in society.

She called at the end of her lecture all the parties to distinguish between the Muslims women and the women who committed crimes in the ranks of Daesh and she promoted the countries to bring back the women to their countries.

The social contract in the areas of North and East of Syria is the solutoion for all the conflicts in Syria

The American politician and former Republican Congressman Thomas Garrett pointed to the tolerance in the north and east of Syria, and to the positive experience of AA that embraced all sects of society. "There is diversity in all countries of the world in terms of religions and minorities, it must be respected by all means. "

He explained that the mercenary acts committed against minorities in both Syria and Iraq were aimed eliminating them. "Every citizen has the right to exercise his or her natural rights in a democratic society and to take his place in the struggle of society at all levels. These rights do not conflict with different religions," he said.

Former Turkish MP and the official of the Democratic Islam Council in Turkey and the journalist and the writer Hoda Kaya and the scholar and the co-chair of the Islamic Scholars Union in al-Jazeera Region Mohammed al-Gherzi talked about the importance of searching and consider the democratic Islam as a solution in the face of Daesh and the role of the Muslim woman in the life.

The activities of the forum will continue and will focus on the economic and social field of Daesh.     



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