AA handed over 5 children to Norwegian government

 The Department of External Relations in the Autonomous Administration(AA) handed over five children of Norwegian nationality who are the children of Daesh mercenaries, to a representative of the Norwegian government who is visiting northern Syria.

Norwegian Foreign Ministry Representative Kristen Netland visited northern Syria on June 2 on an official visit of the Kingdom of Norway. He met with officials of the Department of Foreign Relations of the AA of North and East Syria, during which he touched upon the humanitarian situation in the region and discussed several issues, and the children of  Daesh who were in al-Hol camp.

After a two-and-a-half-hour meeting with the media, the co-chair of the Foreign Relations Department, Abdul Karim Omar, and the representative of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kristen Netland signed formal hand over documents for five children of Norwegian nationality who were the sons of mercenaries who had been found by the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) during their recent battle against mercenaries in al-Bagouz and later transferred to al-Hol camp.

In a special statement by Kristen Netland to the Hawar News Agency, the Norwegian official thanked the AA for providing assistance to Norwegian citizens in their areas and the identification of five Norwegian children as orphans.

"We look forward to taking the five children to Norway, and we will not forget to help AA in this case," Kristen Netland added.

For his part, Spokesman for the Foreign Relations Department Kamal Akef published a statement on their official page, in which he spoke about the handover of five Norwegian children on Monday, at the request of the Kingdom.

"Based on the belief and commitment of the AA of North and East Syria to the principles of human rights and the relevant international laws, today, at the headquarters of the Department of External Relations in the town of Ain Issa handed over five children of Norwegian orphans from the families of Daesh to a delegation from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry according to a formal hand over document signed by the two sides. "

Akef explained that this came to get these children out of the environment of distress and extremism to a healthy environment in which they are rehabilitated and integrated into their basic communities.



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