A student march congratulating Kurdish Language Day

Students of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood congratulated the students on the day of the Kurdish language during a student march held on Tuesday. They affirmed that it is the right to defend the mother language at a time when rights were denied by enemies.

As the Kurdish Language Day approaches 15 May, the Committee for Democratic Community Education in Aleppo organized a march in front of the Alan Mohammed School in the eastern part of the neighborhood.

The march was attended by hundreds of students from the neighborhood schools along with teachers.

The students carried banners in Kurdish and Arabic read saying, "My mother is the first to teach me the language of my ancestors, the basis of existence is the language, no life without language, my language is the torch of freedom, the mother tongue is the language of the peoples, no compromise on my language, preservation of the Kurdish language is the guarantee of the future of Kurdistan. "

The march toured the streets of the neighborhood and ended in the roundabout of Martyr Dostina, where participants held a minute of silence.

During this period, the Committee for Democratic Community Education issued a statement read in both Kurdish and Arabic by student Akar Mahmoud and student Resol Sido.

"We have the right to defend our language, which has been taken away, so we have learned a lot, and it remains as it was. My language is not suffering from any defect or defect, but the occupier is working to sabotage it, tell me how the wind can blow without the permission of its creator and move ships."

The statement pointed out that the Kurdish language remains, no matter how subjected to attempts to annihilation.

The statement concluded by congratulating all students, teachers and Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan on the occasion of the Kurdish  Language Day.

The march ended with slogans saluting the mother tongue.




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