6 citizens added to list of kidnapped in Afrin

The Turkish occupation kidnapped six citizens from a village in Rajo district of Afrin canton.

According to sources from the village of Bilelko of Rajo district that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation raided the village midnight yesterday and kidnapped six citizens.

The source sent the names of the kidnapped: "Rajab Horo 62 years-old, Behzad Dawood 33 years-old, Ali Hussein 24 years-old, Mohammed Hussein 23 years-old, Mohammed Rashid Hamada 55 years-old, Mustafa Mohammed Hamada 24 years-old."

The Turkish occupation, which occupied Afrin on the 18th of March last year, is trying to get all Kurds out of Afrin through various ways.

This comes within the Turkish plan to change the demography of this region. This is taking place amid international silence about the daily Turkish violations against the Afrin indigenous people.



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