4 killed, wounded of Iraqi policemen by IS' attack in Kirkuk

Two Iraqi policemen were killed and two others wounded in an attack by ISIS mercenaries on a detachment in the border of Daquq district in southern Kirkuk.

An Iraqi police detachment near the village of Ali Sarai Kakaei in Daquq was attacked by ISIS mercenaries at 12:10 am last night.

The security point under attack belonged to the 1st Battalion, 18th Brigade, Federal Police.

According to information received by Roj news, the attack resulted in the killing two policemen, Jassim Mohammed Juma, born in Tel -Afar in 1992, and Ali Akbar Ali Ghaleb, born in Tel- Afar in 1993.

Two others were wounded: Tawfiq Hamim Nasser, born in al-Najaf in 1995, and Yasser Mohammed Ibrahim, born in Babylon in 1990.

A previous US Defense Department report was that ISIS had resurfaced in Syria and Iraq and called for more support for troops fighting ISIS.



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