3 field hospitals to serve al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp administration is seeking to open three field hospitals inside the camp to provide health care, respond quickly to the sick conditions and serve more than 73,000 displaced persons and refugees. Supplying the three field hospitals are currently in the final stage of providing technical equipment.

In a new step by al-Hol camp's administration, located 45 km east of a-Hasakah canton, which is considered one of the most important steps for al-Hol camp residents, the administration is working hard to open 3 field hospitals inside the camp, including all medical specialties to provide treatment and care for sick cases in serving more than 73,000 displaced and refugees who stay in the camp.

Where al-Hol camp's administration of Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, in cooperation with some international associations and organizations, is focusing on the health and service aspect of the camp. In view of the need to provide health and medical care to the huge numbers who had flocked towards the camp, the administration has begun establishing 3 filed hospitals with the support of local health associations as Kurdish Red Crescent and Mar Yaqob, and the processing operation entered its final stage.

For her part, the Co-chair of al-Jazeera region's camps Magda Amin pointed out that the purpose of the establishment of the three hospitals was to provide better and easier health care for the cases coming to the emergency points in the camp, and relieve pressure on hospitals in al-Hasakha canton, in addition to the urgent need of this camp to these projects serving the health sector.

About the possibilities of absorption for each hospital of the three hospitals said Magda Amin, "Each hospital will have 30 beds, and will be concerned with all medical specialties, including surgery, orthopedics, etc., they will also be equipped with operations' rooms to respond to the urgent cases."



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