2 SDF fighters martyred because of preventing medical staff from entering city  

Two SDF fighters were martyred during the "Resistance to Dignity", as a result of the lack of medicine and the Turkish occupation prevented medical staff from reaching the city.

The Turkish occupation army continues to besiege the city of Serêkaniyê

, targeting and bombing anyone trying to reach it. The Turkish occupation army targets civilian convoys as well as medical crews and ambulances and prevents the evacuation of the wounded from the city, where it is feared that the occupation army committed war crimes against them.

In this context, our correspondents from the city of Serêkaniyê said that two SDF fighters were martyred due to the lack of medicine in the city and prevented the Turkish occupation medical staff from reaching the city and treating the wounded.

It is noteworthy that despite the announcement of the cease-fire, but Turkey is still in violation of the agreement, where the Turkish mercenaries attack the area around the hospital Serêkaniyê by individual weapons, while the Turkish occupation army removed the walls from the border and enter the mercenaries to the east of the city.

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