2 elements of civil defense of Turkish occupation killed in Afrin

Turkish occupation 's gangs have been killed two elements of "Civil Defense" belong to occupation, after looting money it was in their possession.

The areas occupied by Turkey, is witnessing mass murder, assassinations by mercenary gangs, according to information from a source within Afrin told ANHA correspondent, the body of a girl and a young man who were working as members of the so-called "Civil Defense" of the Turkish occupation was found this morning.

The source said that the two bodies were thrown on the road to the village of Kamrook of Mobata district, and belong to both Nargis Daoud of the villagers and the young Ali Shaghouri of the people of Eastern al-Ghouta in Damascus, who came with the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to Afrin.

In the details of the killing, the source said that they are working in the Civil Defense of the occupation and killed after receiving the salary after the interception of a group of mercenaries on their way and stealing the money they had in their possession.



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