17 million citizens suffer unemployment in Turkey

A non-governmental organization refuted the figures announced by the Turkish government, revealing that 17 million citizens are unemployed in Turkey, and confirmed that 16 million face poverty, while 18 million live on the edge of poverty in the country.

The Union of Progressive Trade Unions in Turkey showed that 17 million suffer from unemployment and lack of job opportunities, and about 16 million face poverty, and another 18 million citizens live at stake of poverty, against the background of the decline of the Turkish currency and its reaching the lowest ever level in years, and outbreak coronavirus.

Erdogan's government officially admits that there are 4 million unemployed people in the country, but the Turkish academician and economist Mert Büyükkarabacak says: "No one in the country believes the figures that the government announces and discloses."

He added to Al-Arabiya network that: “The unemployment rate in Turkey is high during this period, and officially it reaches 13%, but this figure is the total number of people who searched for job opportunities last month, and if we add to them those who have not worked for months, so the number will be at least 26%, and if we add those who have lost their jobs and receive assistance from the unemployment fund, then the actual unemployment rate in the country becomes about 50%. "

Mert Büyükkarabacak emphasized that among the unemployed, about 30% of the young people, most of whom hold university degrees, said: “This category will not get jobs easily, and the value of one US dollar has exceeded 8 Turkish liras for the first time in its history, and this matter will make the economic conditions are getting worse in the country, especially since a large number of local companies are burdened with debts in foreign currencies.

He continued, "The government support is mainly directed to a small number of construction companies that have close ties to the presidential palace. Therefore, the Turkish economy will deteriorate further, and no one can find solutions to this crisis in the short or medium term."

And the Turkish lira recorded its worst weekly performance in nearly 21 years last week, which Bloomberg said, "the ninth weekly decline of the Turkish currency."



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