​​​​​​​122 pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries arrive in Libya

A source from inside the Libyan Misrata airport confirmed that an African Airlines plane, coming from Turkey, landed at the airport with 122 of  pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries on board.

A source told Al-Arabiya that an African Airlines plane from Turkey landed at the airport with 122 Syrian mercenaries on board.

This comes at a time, the toll casualties among Syrian mercenaries of Turkey, who are fighting alongside the Government of the Accord against the Libyan National Army has risen. SOHR documented killing of 11 Syrian mercenaries, including a child under the age of 18, during the fighting on the axes of Salah al-Din neighborhood south of Tripoli, Al-Ramla axis near Tripoli airport and the axis of the Al-Plateau project, as well as battles in Misrata and other areas of Libya, bringing the death toll among pro-Turkish groups as a result of military operations in Libya, 298 fighters.

The majority of those killed were mercenaries from the Al-Mutassim Brigade, Al-Sultan Murad Division, Al-Shimal Soqour Brigade, Hamzat and Suleiman Shah.

Alimat continues to recruit pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries, train them in Turkey and transfer them to Libya to fight alongside Al-Sarraj for money ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 U.S. dollars, including ISIS mercenaries and al-Nusra who had earlier joined Turkish factions.

According to the Observatory figures, some 8,950 mercenaries have arrived in Libyan territory so far, while the number of recruits arriving in Turkish camps for training is around 3,300, including about 150 children between the ages of 16 and 18, the majority of whom are from the Sultan Murad brigade.

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