100 young people from al-Tabqa join resistance in response to general alarm

After the elders and notables of the tribes of the region made the announcement of the general alarm after the meeting held in the town of Hammam east of Tabqa today, 100 young men from different Tabqa clans set out to join the resistance fronts against the Turkish enemy and his mercenaries.

Before the youths started, the tribal elders provided the youths with all the supplies of weapons and ammunition in addition to some weapons provided by al-Tabqa Military Council.

The young men affirmed that their joining the fighting fronts is in response to the call of duty and backing the Syrian Democratic Forces, which liberated them from the abomination of ISIS.

The young men who responded to the call of duty said that the entry of the Turkish occupation to northern and eastern Syria means the return of ISIS, which is rejected by all, citing the black years they spent under the rule of ISIS and the oppression suffered during that era.


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