' Mercenaries of Daesh are time bombs'

Member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party of al-Jazeera branch, said it is difficult to control the thousands of mercenaries in the prisons of Self-Administration and the women in the camp, if the Turkish occupation launched an attack on areas of northern and eastern Syria, describing them as " time bombs".

The Turkish occupation continues its threats to the northern and eastern regions of Syria in light of the large concentrations of its military forces along the border between Bakur (northern Kurdistan) and the Syrian north, especially off the border cities of Serekaniye district and Gire Spi canton.

SDF have arrested thousands of mercenaries in their prisons. Despite repeated calls by the administration to establish an international tribunal to hold them accountable, they have not yet been approved, where the mercenaries are from 50 countries around the world.

In event of a Turkish attack, it would be difficult to control Daesh

In this context, and on the threats posed by these mercenaries detained in the prisons of the Self-Administration, and how to control the thousands of them and their families present in the camp of al-Hol, a member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party Abdel Fattah Fatimi, said in an interview conducted by ANHA agency, that " Turkish threat is to occupy the territory of northern and eastern Syria and to repeat its immoral practices and to thwart the project of Self-Administration."

He added, "we have to take measures in the event of any Turkish attack on the region, because thousands of mercenaries detained in the prisons and thousands of their women and children in the camp of al-Hol are a danger and a threat to all the world."

The women of Daesh are "time bombs", and the establishment of an international tribunal must be expedited

Fatimi pointed out that the women who are present in the camp of al-Hol are promoting the terrorist thought of mercenaries inside the camp of al-Hol, and they carrying out criminal acts inside the camp without fear in fact, Daesh is a time bomb.

Fatimi said that the current situation and the threats of the Turkish occupation on the region must expedite the establishment of the international courts, adding that "the mercenaries are grandchildren of the Muslim Brotherhood and others," therefore, the international community should expedite the establishment of an international tribunal to try them because they pose a danger to the region."

" now, there is a huge number of foreign mercenaries demanding to return home, and their countries refused that for fear of terrorist ideas in their minds," Fatimi said.

At the end of his speech, Fatimi, said that this situation requires concerted efforts by the international community and regional bodies to hold mercenaries accountable and to encourage the Autonomous Administration through the formation of an international courts and the provision of services.



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